Cyclists massage

Long hours in the saddle and hard workouts can cause your muscles to clutter with knots and scar tissue that develop as they repair themselves.
And because all your muscles are connected, you can experience that those sores spread throughout your body if left untreated – a stiff lower back can cause a sore hip, which in turn can lead to knee injuries.
That’s why so many cyclists swear by massages. They help loosen tight spots, reduce toxins, and keep your fibres smooth and supple so you can keep riding pain-free.

  • Relieves muscle pain and reduces tension in muscles and tendons.
  • faster recovery between rides.
  • Supports and accelerates soft tissue healing tendonitis, muscle strain and knee injuries.
  • Promotes recovery from muscle fatigue through deep relaxation.
Duration 60 min. 55€
Duration 90 min. 70€


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