Liposuction Massage

¿What Is Liposuction Massage? Liposuction massage is a term. The content of this massage is Lymphatic Drainage Massage. It is a complement to surgical or aesthetic surgery operations. The purpose of this massage is to eliminate the liquid that shows hardening and accumulation. You can easily feel these deposits, which begin to appear one or two weeks after the liposuction operation, in front of the mirror or with your hand. These structures, which appear as hardening and nodes, can remain in that area for a long time unless the necessary intervention is provided. The purpose of the drainage massage is to accelerate blood flow, stimulate lymphatic ducts, and remove swelling and edema from the body in the shortest time.

What Is The Significance Of After Liposuction Massage? Movement restriction is quite normal after aesthetic surgeries such as tummy tuck, liposuction, and BBL. Pain, swelling, edema, and pain in the incision area are the main symptoms that cause this. Massage applied after liposuction, tummy tuck and BBL removes the limitation of movement. As a result of body damage during the surgery, the body creates swelling, edema, and fluid to protect itself. These swelling and fluid increase the pain. The importance of massage shows up here. Massage accelerates the system’s stimulation and lymph flow, allowing fluids and waste to be removed from the body more easily. Muscles that are tired due to the tension in the body are relaxed with massage. Relaxed muscles increase mobility.

liposuction massage prevents accumulation and hardening V Increases blood circulation V Decreases edema v Fasten the healing process Recanalize Ilymph v Tempers pain Allows the body to take a smoother shape Reduces hematomas Decreases the likelihood of fibrosis development It accelerates the regeneration of tissues .

Time can be determined in line with the requirement of aesthetic surgery performed with 7 to10 session massage packages. Lymphatic drainage massages performed after aesthetic surgery will affect the result of your surgery positively.

    Duration 60 min. 60€


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