Facial Treatments

The face

determines your appearance

and is most exposed to external influences such as cold, wind, rain, drought and free radicals.
All the more reason to pamper the skin of your face every now and then.
Your best make up is a healthy, glowing, fresh skin.

All facials

include the following steps:

– Skin analysis. 
– Neck and face massage with essential oils. Cleaning.
– Tonic. 
– Steam 5 to 10 minutes.
– Exfoliating.
– Skin scrubber.
– High frequency.
– Ultrasound- galvanic wave. 
– Facial treatment to follow. 
– Mask adjusted to your skin type and the season. 
– Collagen serum or vitamin C.
– Sunscreen.

High frequency benefits:

– Accelerate collagen production.
– Improve blood flow and circulation.
– Reduce acne causing bacteria.
– Increase elastin production.
– Remove dead skin cells.
– Improve the overall appearance of the skin.


– Asthma.
– Diabetes.
– Epilepsy.
– Pacemakers.
– Pregnancy.
– Open sores.
– Infections.
– Metal implants.
– High blood pressure.


I look forward to serving you