Permanent hair removal

We offer you an honest,

painless treatment for permanent hair

Removal at affordable prices for men and woman. You benefit from our knowledge and experience and the use of the latest technology.

Compared to other methods, such as epilation waxing or sugaring, the treatments only take a few minutes and do not leave any cuts, marks or redness on the skin.


Step 1

Free Consultation & analysis

We start our consultation appointment with a comprehensive skin and hair analysis. During the consultation you will find out how well and quickly hair removal can work for you ,during the consultation, we work out an individual treatment plan together about the duration of the treatment, the cost and the treatment process.

Step 2:

The treatment

The parameters obtained from the consultation form the basis for the optimal and individual treatment plan and determine the period in which the treatment take place, taking into account your skin and hair type.

You can find out more about the treatment in our frequently asked questions.

Step 3

Your goal

You can look forward to your fresh
and smooth skin free of hair.


For man

who want to live without stubble

Redness and ingrown hair, we offer permanent hair removal, this is the best option to get rid of unwanted hair.


The prices are per session


  • Upper lip 35€
  • Chin 25€
  • Jawline 55€
  • Cheeks 60€
  • Forehead 30€
  • Neck 55€


  • Forearms 70€
  • Upper arms 70€
  • Arms completely 115€
  • Hands 40€
  • Fingers 30€
  • Thighs 100€
  • Knees 45€
  • Lower legs 95€
  • Legs whole 190€
  • Feet 40€
  • Toes  30€


  • Chest  65€
  • Back complete 95€
  • Lower back 65€
  • Shoulder 55€
  • Armpits 55€
  • Belly 65€
  • Nipples all around 40€
  • Bikini line 50€
  • String line 65€
  • Pubis (entire pubic area) 60€
  • Buttocks 70€


Make your oun combination and get 10% reduction.


For permanent hair removal, several treatments are necessary, to actually remove all the desired hair. 80-90% of the people require an average of 7-10 treatments to permanently remove their hair.
Everyone is individual and different. With some people, only a few hairs grow back after three to four treatments, while others could not achieve the results after 9 -10 treatments.
Many different factors can play a role in this. A strong hair growth takes a little longer to be removed than a very light hair growth. How strong the hair growth is on the body, however, depends on several factors such as : age, gender or genetic predisposition. Some people have genetically determined hair roots that are deeper in the skin than others, or the melanin structure (pigmentation)
The treatments should be repeated after three to four weeks (depending on the treatment area). A visible success should be seen after three to four treatments.

Most of the people do not experience any side effects.

You should already have shaved the desired area of the skin one day before treatment. Then put on protective goggles to protect your eyes from damage, and a skilled therapist will begin the treatment. Here she guides the self-cooling handpiece, which emits the hair-sclerosing light pulse, over the treatment area. A short time after the treatment, you can usually see clear results and look forward to numerous hair- free areas. Of course, you can continue to shave your hair between treatments.

The new SHR Super Hair Removal.

No side effects.
Pain free.
Fast work.

The melanin absorbs the energy of light and conducts it in the form of warmth to the hair roots. The cell is damaged.
We only destroy the hair roots in the anagen phase.
The damage prevents new hair from growing.
The hair falls out after 1-2 weeks.
Hair has different growth phases.
Anagen phase (Only then we can damage the roots).
Catagen phase.
Telogen phase.
Every hair has its own cycle.
Therefore several sessions are necessary!
Skin Allergies, herpes.
Cancer (till 4 years after treatment).
Antibiotics, cortisone, iron, acne pills.
Varicose veins.
Tanning skin (at least 14 days).
Do not wax the hair.
Shave 24 hours before the treatment.

After 3 to 4 treatments, there is increased hair growth, because the hair roots are stimulated.
It is a “sleeping hair”. The hair has a different structure and is very thin.
ADVANTAGE: The sleeping hair is also treated and this prevents the hair from growing later.