Your Therapist

My name is

Gloria Robledo

My name is Gloria Robledo.

I am from Medellin Colombia and have diplomas and experience in:
Aesthetics and Dermocosmiatry Spain Euroinnova.
Aesthetic Medicine Barcelona ESSAE. Botulinum Toxin Medellin Intermediate Clinic. Manual Therapies- Mesotherapy Colombia- Curacao.
Facial Acupuncture Barcelona Ismet.
Laser Hair Removal and facial rejuvenation Germany SHR.
I am passionate about my work and I give full attention to my patients, I treat them with respect and honesty. In my space I use organic products and pay high attention to privacy and hygiene.
Relaxing music and the aroma of essential oils create a space and pleasant atmosphere in which patients feel very comfortable.

The massage

oils and essential oils I use for the aromatherapy are organic and paraffin-free.

The same goes for the facial products. All this makes my practice an ideal place to receive a treatment.

My massages are aimed at:

Healing complaints


Relaxation of the mind

Stress reduction

My mission

is to support clients

in achieving balance in life through personal well-being. I am convinced of the inseparable connection between body and mind.

I am a believer of massage for relieving both physical and emotional stress and strongly believe that massages improve overall health and well-being.